Paroles We're Making Whoopee de Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson
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  • Chanson: We're Making Whoopee
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Textes et Paroles de We're Making Whoopee

Ooo been such a long time my baby girl
I can't wait and, how I do anticipate
Ooo holding you closely my darling dear
Don't you think it's time that we rejuvenate
Our visions of love and the way that we feel, let's make it real
Been much too long baby can't we make up for lost time tonight

(We're makin' love)
We're makin' love tonight yeah baby
We're makin' whoopee
We're gonna share our love tonight
We won't stop til we get it right

We're makin' love tonight
We're makin' love
We're makin' whoopee
We're gonna share our love tonight

Ooo hold me real tight please my baby love
Just relax and I'll get down to business girl
Yes kiss me all night please my baby girl
I promise to love you til the morning comes
I'll do all the things you do to me
I'll fulfill your needs
You see it's been much too long baby
Can't we make up for lost time tonight

And when that moment comes
Oh what a joy it'll be baby
I'm gonna work you like
Work ya til we're both in ectasy baby
Ooh baby
While we're makin' love
Makin' love tonight


Cause we're gonna make sweet love tonight
Won't stop til we get it right
Gotta work it baby work it all night
Gonna make up for lost time
Ooh we're gonna share our love tonight
Cause we won't stop, we won't stop girl
We're makin' love tonight baby
W're makin' whoopee tonight girl
We're gonna share...

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