Paroles I Can, I Will de Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson
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  • Artiste: Jessica Simpson2724
  • Chanson: I Can, I Will
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Textes et Paroles de I Can, I Will

I can, I will
Oh ooh oh oh
Ooh yeah..
I know i can
Can, (i will), will...hey

Listen baby...

Sometimes the world is a dark and lonely place
Remember my love is always here leading on, oh baby
Sometimes it feels just like you lost your way
So if you need a guided light, baby
Let me be the one

Ooh yeah, oh

When nobody understands the secret dreams your heart-felt plans
When no one appreciates the love that you need well then save it for me

I can (can), I will (will)
If you want (want)
You know you can trust me
My hand (hand) is right here (here)
So hold on (on)

It's breakin my heart to think you would ever cry
How can a tear ever dare to fall from your sweet eyes? they're so beautiful
When nobody understands you're secret dreams, your heart-felt plan.
When no one appreciates the love that you need well then save it for me


So hold on (on)
I can (can), I will (will). make you strong.
I'll be there for you
I can (can), I will (will). make you warm.

If you want me to

I know you're ready for the love that you deserve.
So whenever you want me just say the word because you know that


... gotta hold on.




I can (can) and I will (will).
Of you want, yeah..
My hand (my hand) is right here

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