Paroles U & Me = Love de Jewel

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  • Artiste: Jewel2607
  • Chanson: U & Me = Love
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Textes et Paroles de U & Me = Love

Walk down the street
2 a psychedelic beat
I'm a real girl
In an unreal world
Disco lights and buff bodies are nice
I'm like any girl; I enjoy the sights
But I'm no Cinderella 2 your storybook fella
I'm no Barbie doll for your fantasies and all
If u let me be me, I'll be better than your best dream
U and m-e spells l-o-v-e 2 me


Come on, baby, won't u crash into me?
I'm like nothing that you've ever seen
I'll blow your mind
Guaranteed 2 mesmerize
You'll say, "Ooh la, la, la"
<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
Old Spice is nice
But sweat is better
E-mail is cool
But romance lives in a letter
Batteries are fine, but I'm
Energized all the time
U and m-e spells l-o-v-e 2 me


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