Paroles July de Jhené

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  • Artiste: Jhené5409
  • Chanson: July
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Textes et Paroles de July

Woooah woah
Woooah woah
Woooah woah
Woooah woah

[Verse 1:]
It was the summertime you was mine I was yours we were so high told me that you loved me wroote my name up in the sky we could not be seperated sunny days indigo nights swimmin in the pool at the sire baby we belong together like mariah but all good things come to an end

Woooa you had to change up the game oh the weather is not the same now there's only cloudy days hinting rain

In july (oh july) there were fire works exploding now it's getting colder leaves are turning colors why it's just not our season the one and only reason baby oh baby oh summer turns into fall

[Verse 2:]
What do I do to get over you let the rain fall down on my heart let it cleanse the depths on my soul let the wind blow the dead leaves away and there will be no more pain ooh I'm in the right place and I'll forget all about


Woooah woah
Woooah woah
Woooah woah
Woooah woah

[male voice:]
You were my you were my you were my girl shoulda made shoulda made you my world everything to keep you happy girl

I can't wait for
I can't wait for
I can't wait for
Ooh ooh I can't wait for spring time and I will turn into a butterfly and I will spread my wings and fly-yyy-yyy I'm too fly for this shit I am japanese if you please do do do do

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