Paroles Big Wheel de Jim Croce

Jim Croce
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  • Artiste: Jim Croce26063
  • Chanson: Big Wheel
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Textes et Paroles de Big Wheel

Big wheel, don't you roll
Big diesel, don't you whine
Through the night as I'm runnin' down the road
Big semi, don't you stop, 'cause if you do I'm not
Gonna make it back to Baltimore with my load

Well, the truckstop's warm and friendly
And the coffee keeps me up
And the waitress there would like to waste my time
But I'll have to pass it by
As it's down the road I fly
Just a racin' with that pocket watch of mine

Smoke a-puffin', tires a hummin'
Burnin' up the road
Countin' road signs and the miles to Baltimore
One eye out for weighin' stations
One for radar traps
They can't stop me, 'cause my plans don't call for that

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