Paroles Things de Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh
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  • Chanson: Things
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Textes et Paroles de Things

I like to take things one step at a time,
One foot in front of the other.
I like to think things will work out fine,
And follow along behind those-
One act play-things can give you a thrill,
Guess it depends on the actor.
Dreams can come true, but some things never will.
As a matter of fact, those things are driving me crazy.
Those things- are keepin' me sane.

I like to take things and make a design.
Keep a low profile. Oh and,
I like to take things and put them to rhyme-

Like those things that are confusing, and the things that
seem so clear,
And the things that seem so far away and yet they seem
so near.
There are some things I have lost, and a few things I
have found,
Well it's so hard to keep track of things there's so
many around.
There's so many around.
And there's things we have to look for, and a few we
never find.
And we all have things in common- you got your thing,
I got mine.
And some things they just happen, and some things you
can plan.
And some of those things you just can't help, but some of
them you can.
Oh, some of them you can.
As a matter of fact, those things- are driving me crazy,
Those things are keeping me sane.

Some things turn out all wrong, and some things turn out
all right,
Some things don't turn out at all, but then again they might.
There are things that come too soon, and some things that
come too late.
It's the best thing to be early so you have some time to wait...
Oh- have some time to wait.
Well it's hard to talk with words, there's some things you just
can't say.
And it's best to leave some things alone in case they
go away.
And it's best to leave some things alone in case they
go away.
You can share some things with friends, there's some things
we've all been thru,
Well it's things like this and things like that, and how are
things with you?
Oh- how do you do?
You can hang things on your wall, you can leave your
things around.
You can mark some things 2001, and put them in the ground;
And maybe later on- they will dig them up some day.
And ooh and ahh, and "how 'bout that?," who knows the
things they'll say.

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