Paroles Your Dad Did de John Hiatt

John Hiatt
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  • Chanson: Your Dad Did
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Textes et Paroles de Your Dad Did

Well the sun comes up and you stare your cup of coffee, yup

Right through the kitchen floor

You feel like hell so you might as well get out and sell

Your smart ass door to door

And the Mrs. wears her robe slightly undone

As your daughter dumps her oatmeal on your son

And you keep it hid

Just like your did

So you go to work just to watch some jerk

Pick up the perks

You were in line to get

And the guy that hired you just got fired,

Your job's expired

They just ain't told you yet

So you go and buy a brand new set of wheels

To show your family just how great you feel

Acting like a kid

Just like your dad did



You're a chip off the old block

Why does it come as such a shock

That every road up which you rock

Your dad already did

Yeah you've seen the old man's ghost

Come back as creamed chipped beef on toast

Now if you dont get your slice of the roast

You're gonna flip your lid

Just like your dad did, just like your dad did

Well the day was long now, supper's on

The thrill is gone

But something's taking place

Yeah the food is cold and your wife feels old

But all hands fold

As the two year old says grace

She says help the starving children to get well

But let my brother's hamster burn in hell

You love your wife and kids

Just like your dad did

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