Paroles Downtown de John Waite

John Waite
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  • Chanson: Downtown
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Textes et Paroles de Downtown

I wait for sundown on the fire escape,
And watch the passing cars downstairs.
I'm high above Korean groceries,
A sublet castle in the air.
It's down to cigarettes and rosaries.
Christ, I wish someone would call me.
Johnny Thunders on the radio,
"But you can't put your arms around a memory."

Maybe I could find a better way,
But, all I need is to feel connected now.
Do you remember me?
I sang that song you like.
I sang that song for free.
Now someone else sounds like me,
As I make my way downtown.

Oh yeah,

See the old men on the bowery.
Take the night train to the stars.
You can find me in the usual place:
Inside the Temple Bar.
I hear that Sally's got a gift for me;
I hear she found it on St. Marks.
These days, they all just talk like poetry,
And shoot their mouths off shooting sparks.

Maybe I could find a better way,
But, all I need now is to feel connected.
Do you remember me?
I sang that song you like,
Way back in '83,
Number one,
High as a kite,
As I made my way downtown.
Yeah, yeah,

They've got paper cups for charity,
Kools, pills and broken teeth, and dope,
But I'll take another dry martini,
And a chance on hope.

And now someone else waits for me
And I got to get downtown.
Oh yeah
I'm going way downtown,
Oh yeah.
I'm gonna see the man.
I'm going way downtown.
See the man.
Going down, yeah.
I'm gonna see the man.
Going downtown.
Do you remember me?

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