Paroles Hostile Two Party System de John Wesley Harding

John Wesley Harding
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  • Chanson: Hostile Two Party System
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Textes et Paroles de Hostile Two Party System

Did you vote for the right, did you vote for the left?
You could vote for the blind, did you vote for the deaf?
Did you vote for one, did you vote for zero?
Did you vote for yes, did you vote no?

Did you vote pro-life, did you vote pro-choice?
Did you vote to censor, did you vote for free voice?
Did you vote for a man who cries crocodile tears?
The truth is all those guys just want a career
Politics is not real wisdom
It's a hostile two party system

Did you vote for bush, did you vote for quayle?
Did you know you were voting yourself into jail?
Did you vote for selfish reasons too?
Did you vote for perot, then the joke's on you?
Politics is not real wisdom
It's a hostile two party system

Did you vote for clinton, did you vote for gore?
Al voted you into the desert war
Bill thinks that stickers on albums is right
Marilyn and tipper they're an interchangeable wife
Politics is not real wisdom
It's a hostile two party system

Did you vote with your heart? it didn't change the facts
You couldn't tell them apart if you put them back to back
Bill's better than george, we both know that's true
But both of them have other interests than you
We know it's true
Politics is not real wisdom
It's a hostile two party system

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