Paroles Keep Workin' Big Jim de Johnny Rebel

Johnny Rebel
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  • Chanson: Keep Workin' Big Jim
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Textes et Paroles de Keep Workin' Big Jim

Keep a-workin' Big Jim
You'll prove it by and by
Keep a-workin' Big Jim
Find out the reasons why

A few years ago,in the year of '63
A President was shot-he died
And the man accused of killing him was shot to death
Before he was even tried

Then the Warren Commission,made up of what should be
The greatest lawmen of our time
Wrapped up the case,and said the assassination
Was the work of one warped mind

Keep a-workin' Big Jim
We hope you prove they're wrong
Keep a-workin' Big Jim
We're with you all day long

In a shorter time than it takes to solve a simple theft case
They said they solved the crime of our time
Oswald was the man,they said he worked it all alone
No one conspired with him to plan the crime

Big Jim Garrison,a lawyer from New Orleans
Didn't think the case was really solved
In his investigation,he's come up with a lot
He's gonna prove somebody else was involved

Keep a-workin' Big Jim
We wanna know the truth
Keep a-workin' Big Jim
The nation's watching you
Now wouldn't it be something if the Warren Report
Turned out to be just a lie
And one big man who was working all alone
Found the answers and the reasons why

And the so-called leaders of the government
Who won't try to help him win the fight
It seems they're more afraid that Jim will prove them wrong
Instead of hoping Big Jim's right

Repeat last chorus 3 times.

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