Paroles Come Back Jonee de JoJo

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  • Artiste: JoJo3061
  • Chanson: Come Back Jonee
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Textes et Paroles de Come Back Jonee

Yeah, come back Jonee
Gotta come back now Jonee
Yeah, come back Jonee
Jonee be good
Treat her like you should

You made her cry
Jonee you're bad
You're gonna make her sad

Jonee went to the pawnshop
Bought himself a guitar
Now he's gonna go far
You gotta love 'em and leave 'em
Sometimes you deceive 'em

After the teardrops
Jonee jumped in his Datsun
Drove out on the expressway
Went head-on into a Semi
His guitar is all that's left now

He made her cry
Now she calls his name
Jonee you're to blame

Come back Jonee

Yeah, come back Jonee (Jonee! Jonee!)
Jonee, Jonee, Jonee (Jonee! Jonee!)
You gotta come back now Jonee (Jonee! Jonee!)
Well, Jonee be good (Jonee! Jonee!)
Treat her like you should (Jonee! Jonee!)

You made her cry (Jonee! Jonee!)
Well Jonee you're bad (Jonee! Jonee!)
You're gonna make her sad (Jonee! Jonee!)

Jonee! Jonee!

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