Paroles Secrets de Jon Langford

Jon Langford
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  • Chanson: Secrets
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Textes et Paroles de Secrets

Listen to the voices drifting through the windows
Of the grand old villas of Bonn
All the town's dark secrets
Float through the Rhine lands river mists

The wives of bankers reminisce in whispers
Debiliated by horrors, half heard, half remembered
All the town's dark secrets
Unstable and dangerous, fearful and feared

The lights went out all over Europe
And in the darkness of space
The stars are blinking with our hope
As a rocket roars out of the Cape

An dein Gesicht kann ich mich nicht erinnern (I don't remember your face)
Doch deine Hände sind mir vertraut (but your hands are familiar)
Am Morgen wirst du mich als Diener oder als Liebhaber aufwecken (you will wake me in the Morning as my butler or my lover)
Je nachdem was ich will (depending on what I want)
Im Dunkeln haben wir keine Geheimnisse (we've no secrets in the dark)
Ich werde Deine Prinzessin vom Mars sein (I'll be your princess from Mars)

We've just climbed back to where we belong
This town once belonged to me
Now it does again
All the town's dark secrets
Well up through fifty silent years

The lights went out ....

I don't remember your face but your hands are familiar
You will wake me in the morning as my butler or my lover
Depending on what I want
We've no secrets in the dark
I'll be your princess from Mars

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