Paroles Back To Good de Jonathan Clay

Jonathan Clay
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  • Artiste: Jonathan Clay21606
  • Chanson: Back To Good
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Textes et Paroles de Back To Good

Take a While
And take a Breath
Let yourself down slow
Gather up your memories
Hold on to what you know

And everything's been moving way too fast
You thought that you'd found something that would last
And it passed...

So if you find that in your mind
You're putting up your gaurd
Trust me when i say it's not suppose to be this hard

You'll fall again and it'll feel so fast
Every single fear you thought would last
It'll pass...
And you'll fall again
And it will feel so fast
And every single fear
And every single fear
Will pass...

Do i have to let go and watch you walk away
Do i have to let go and wish you would have stayed
I think i'll just play the part
I think i'll just play the part

It may take some time before you find you're back to good again
Where you should have been
Even though the letting is part is the hardest part
I think it's time we start

I don't care where you've been
I wish you'd let me in
Show me how to get you
Show me how to get you back to good
Back to good
Get you back to good
Back to good...

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