Paroles Whole New Me de Jonathan Clay

Jonathan Clay
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  • Artiste: Jonathan Clay21606
  • Chanson: Whole New Me
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Textes et Paroles de Whole New Me

My heads been spinning and thinning out
Just trying to stay
Away from it all

Feeling like no one will feel me out
What I'm all about
At all

Do you think that I
Could talk to you
Do you think that you could listen past my name

See my darker shades
And not argue
Would you look at me the same

I took their plans and I let them in
With no regard
To my own

I took my hands and I put them in
Something that I've
Never known

Do you think that I
Could show you
Everything that I've kept locked up on the inside

See I've been hiding out
In my own mind
And I'm getting out this time

This time

So grab your things
And hold on tight
Cuz a brand new me
Is coming out tonight

I'm feeling like
Nothing is the same
Everything is changed
But this tired name

My heads done spinning
I figured out
What I'm all about today

don't care if anyone feels me out
I know what I'm about
Know what I'm all about
I'm alright
I'm alright

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