Paroles A Bad Day de Jonkarpojken

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  • Artiste: Jonkarpojken21620
  • Chanson: A Bad Day
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Textes et Paroles de A Bad Day

When I stand up and know how to act
you say I'm like a fag and the bag is a
proof that I am. I'm a case of a thing
I don't appreciate It's some stuff that I
think and I do not hate.
But I wonder how I work cuz my mind's a mess
and I never success with my rhymes in my
bag and that's sad cuz I'm good in this mood
when I have a second chance to tell everybody well
this isn't a hell it's a world living
now living then everyday I grab a pen
everyday I feel my "then" internet
is my key isolating to the max.
psychopatic me hiding from the real deal.
try to be real but I feel very ill
it's a disease I suffer from, nice. Cuz I do freeze
very ill, terrible I feel.
I see I suffer from AIDS terrifying laze
It's a youngster with his mind as monkeys
Donkey Kong thongs and heavy thong-gongs.
zink, tongue-tied, thing zink is the link.
think of the link and to think with a mind
filled with zink is as think with nervs
in a shit the same I shit the same in this song
Just let it on and bring this beat on.
Cuz I do feel like a brake.

Do we have to fight and hit
when we just could live in peace
Don't you wanna say something to
the kids today?
I can se a problem problem grow
but you can see more than two
we can add our words, and we you can
solve some problems here.

Four years they pass and they pass really fast
and the last is a one which gives mind a pop.
That's the sound of my mind when I think of my time
It's the times and my lines when my pen is a gun
and a rhyme is a thing I that can't manage now
then I grab my nine lines and I end this life here.
But I don't do all the things that I say that I do
I just stay cool and ask "Wazz up with you?"
Hero-dress and a bag filled with success
it's not me can be you cuz I'm not more
than you I'm just a boy with a mouth and a mind
of wonderings. Things, that I say I do I
say to pretend to be cool. So cool to do shoot
to say cool stuff but never make them come true.
don't do all the stuff that you wan't
it can be bad for you.


*a bad day*
Semi-guns, scorpions, shields and guns
driving on a bridge to shoot some animals
but I hear a loud noise. It's the police
Come on Jerka this is for life it is real
Drivin' as a freak throws some stuff back
it explodes and a bang hears that's bad
cuz a man do appears and I splash his black dog
driving very ill hit Mrs. Chill.
the lady is a cop and she draw her gun fast
I have to start act so I hit her while I back
Taking of for home while I reload my gun.
Shooting at some cows on the road of side of me
Wonder how I do when I have to hide at home
Turn on the radio to listen at the news.
Hear a strange voice, he shouts and he dies
I think I hit the mediaman when I drove by
So I'm a bad driver. If I could I should
drive across the city to make my way clear
Better turn in cuz my flat is right there
So I jump in to protect what I own
even if I'm mad I can't be alone
I see a man take aim beside a stone
So I shoot him in his leg, my past sees a gloom
I think I'm trapped in a game called "Dome"
Very sad now cuz the police know who I am
and I I'm not ashamed over anything nice
I'm not a slice but the cop I just shoot
seem to not so very nice.

-chorus with special vocals-

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