Paroles Get Steady de Jonny Lives!

Jonny Lives!
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  • Chanson: Get Steady
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Textes et Paroles de Get Steady

Im an anaconda, I slither as I slide- You know that I wanna, dip and take a dive.

Chorus: I dont need no cheap success, Im ready Im ready, Get Steady Get Steady. Fools like us could live like kings, Im ready, Im ready, get steady Get Steady-

You know that I wanna, I smoke your marijuana, I lose it down the alley way, and theres nothing left to say now-


Its about time now-

Im a jet setter, I fuck her and forget her, I think that I can make it, but lord knows I wont fake it-

I dont need no fuckin Diamond rings, Im ready Im ready, get steady get steady, Im ready Im ready, Get Steady get steady-
Its about time now

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