Paroles Six By Six de Joseph Copi

Joseph Copi
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  • Artiste: Joseph Copi41573
  • Chanson: Six By Six
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Textes et Paroles de Six By Six

inally...the time has come.
my last day, on God's good earth.
the moment in which i am to be punished,
punished for my sins.
i was so lost inside the darkness.


i walk down the mile,
see the others, watch from their cells.
so much was taken from me, i lost everything.
i had my chance to live.
and i threw it all away

will i be denied?
at those pearly gates?
will i be thrown down?
into the fire below me!

straps and belts, hold me down,
as i wait, for the sound.
of my end, my demise.
now i know, i realize.
every evil, every sn.
for everything, i repent.
roll on one...roll on two.
god above...i failed you

six by six
we all go down
to the chair
of our god
we want to know
we want to know
will we ever make it?

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