Paroles Carlotta de Joseph Hrehocik

Joseph Hrehocik
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  • Artiste: Joseph Hrehocik21640
  • Chanson: Carlotta
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Textes et Paroles de Carlotta

Before there was Madeliene there was Carlotta.

Who would believe? A spirit taking possesion of the living shell
John did because he finds satisfaction in trust.

She handles the antique jewelry curiously, gently.
She's 26
Carlotta died by her own hand at that age.

He gazed at the profile of the beautiful
blonde with an unwanted desire.

Such a beautiful girl.

He follows her day after day
His eyes fixated on the perfect
form of her feminine curves in
adulterous glares.

Seemingly obsessed with her own
demise, she leads him on a morbid
pattern of events.
Repeat and apt, sinking in love

Madeliene stared at the grave
He looks upon his interest capturing
hazy images of her form from different
angles inside the cemetary walls.
And she sat staring at the portrait

Then he found himself at San Francisco
bay observing Madeliene bid farewell to
the flowers she bought to mourn the
loss of herself
She sprinkled the carnations to the
water below knowing what she was
about to do

Or did she?
She appeared to be in a different world.

She fell to the depths helplessly and
wanting to die, as if on a mission.
She awoke to the sound of the old
fasioned telephone.
That desireable look she gave.
Her hair down and arm keeping her
sacred body concealed under the
She didn't know what happened that day, but continued coming back to Scottie for support.

They werre falling in love

They were wanderers

She had a dream

Staring into an open grave.
She disappeared into the trees knowing
that it was her's.

She was turning into Carlotta and had
to die
So when they wandered to the old church she could not take her eyes off of the old bell tower.

Making it up the stairs and ending up
broken om the roof below.
She was going too fast........
she was to fast.
She had done what she had to do.

At the trial Johnny saw a vision of
Carlotta by the window.
She turned her head slowly giving him a
chilling dead stare.
The same stare from her portrait.
The same pose that fascinated

Was this myth, or was this murder?

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