Paroles Body Parts de Jump, Little Children

Jump, Little Children
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  • Chanson: Body Parts
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Textes et Paroles de Body Parts

body parts are nice
I can close my eyes
and think about your lips
they quiver to the tips
of the fingers on my hand
I am the man
with some secret plans
I need to carry out

and you are my mission
impossible at first
but like cold fission
I feel an energy
flow, flow, let it all go
and close your eyes
body parts are nice

what makes you warm
the sun on your skin
or a summer storm
rain? rain on your face
rain that you can tatse
slowly as it drips
down your lips
like a kiss
from the one you love

what makes you hot
something that you want but you haven't got
isn't that the way
just a game to play
all day
well, I say
you can bring the ice
sweating will suffice
body parts are nice

do you believe in God
maybe she's a fraud
but she's so cute
in her birthday suit
and her go-go boots
and when I'm not awake
I can see her shake
every step she takes
it makes me happy

and then it's getting late
let me call it fate
that you're still around
lost and found
like a lunchbox
let us break the bread
pig out til we're dead
give me chicken thighs
sweet potato pies
body parts are nice

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