Paroles Daylight de Jump, Little Children

Jump, Little Children
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  • Chanson: Daylight
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Textes et Paroles de Daylight

Daylight burned a hole in all your fancy clothes
Daylight turned the wind to blow the way it blows
Daylight has taken you on in a game of cat and mouse
Daylight is making it hard to leave the house

Daylight broke into your window in disguise
Daylight stole the diamonds from your starry eyes
Daylight is whispering lies to the looming thunder cloud
Daylight looks down on the world and has you singled out

Please fall asleep
Please to go sleep
'Til the stars come out

Daylight tells the world your secrets and your dreams
Daylight is onto all your dark and shady schemes
Daylight shows all the world all the bad things you've done
Daylight knows everything underneath the sun

Please fall asleep
Please go to sleep
'Til the stars come out

Day after day a downright hateful shade of lemon
Crimson and golden thunder clouds raining stones

Please fall asleep
Please go to sleep
'Til the stars come out

'Cause they have you singled out
They have you singled out
Yes they have you singled out

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