Paroles Life Is A Racetrack de Junction 18

Junction 18
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  • Chanson: Life Is A Racetrack
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Textes et Paroles de Life Is A Racetrack

Pull out a razor in a city
miles wide
the prize is many millions
made for more to die
I trashed her photograph
and sailed down tonight
What a big waste i am
to throw away my life

Do you remember a time
when you werent too..
busy to make up your mind on
what to do? cant you remember
just dying for mercy? And Doesn't it feel
like everyones after you?

This day of panic brought a
savior in disguise
I tried to heal myself
by giving my goodbyes
its been so strange here lately
Thats not a lie
Down in the racetrack,
I'm running for my life


All in all, it just makes sense
to give up Choking on all
the death hymns they sing
to me I cleanse myself of the bad dreams
and silent sound
its everything I ever dreamt to stay alive

I need a night to scream my
head off in the lounge I want
to wake up in the nasty part
of town It feels so numb here lately
Thats not a lie
She read it in my palms last week
That I'd feel a lot of doubt


Is it just a matter time until
we are through?

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