Paroles Black Eyed Suzy de Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle
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  • Artiste: Justin Townes Earle36852
  • Chanson: Black Eyed Suzy
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Textes et Paroles de Black Eyed Suzy

Black Eyed Suzy
She works the corner
Out on the block where she was raised
And I don't how but she
Finds some comfort
Up amongst the rubble
And the Queen Ann's Lace
But nobody seemed to notice
Her beauty wither away
Oh Black Eyed Suzy girl
How much more can you take

We were lovers back when we were younger but
We all know how that can go
It's like one day it's roses and the next it's over and
Nobody asks cause ain't nobody want to know
As soon as find a place far away
From this dirty heat
Oh Black Eyed Suzy she's still losing ground to the heat

Well now some may give into the wind
They'll take a fly just to forget the pain
Ah but Suzy she's dug in too deep
She knows she's been beat
But still she stands around and waits
Ah but as soon as the seasons change
It will bring the winter wind
Suzy she'll try to fight it
It won't be long before the cold and rain
And the long November will decide it
What am I to do? Ah what am I to say?
I just walked from a distance as Suzy withers away

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