Paroles Heaven de Karen Clark Sheard

Karen Clark Sheard
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  • Chanson: Heaven
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Textes et Paroles de Heaven

(feat. Donald Lawrence)

When you see me fasting and praying down here
I'm doing the best I can,
keeping my life together, make it to the promise land.
I'm a soldier in this army and I'm gonna win this fight,
I'm gonna spread this gospel of Jesus Christ, oh.

Heaven is my goal,
I mean heaven, heaven all the way.



[Bridge 1:]
Oh heaven, heaven is mine.
Oh heaven, heaven is mine.


[Bridge 2:]
Oh heaven, heaven is mine.
Oh heaven, heaven is mine,
heaven is my goal, I mean...

Heaven, heaven, heaven,
heaven, heaven is mine.

I mean heaven, heaven all the way.

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