Paroles Lucky Ones de Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew
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  • Chanson: Lucky Ones
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Textes et Paroles de Lucky Ones

well everytime they took me
to the rise of your bed
you know what kind of doing at the top of your head but
all the little words that came down like a spider
trickle through the morpheme
try to make them cry

i'm in respect to suggest that we're through
you don't know i could live without you if you do
but tell me that the temperature's rising in your head
tell me that love is not to be this way

one of these little boys coming through the cracks
trying to pick up these worms on the side
seeing the broken fences lying down in the yard
green like your mom instead that never was retired

i know, i know, i know

all the things i thought about that i want you to do
when the crying seperated in comes the sun
heard it through a song that a girl once sung
she's the reason why i'm trying to make it alright
trying to drive through girl, wish it tonight

rolling on the side with the moon in my hand
trying to be a stereotype with a friend
but my love is gone and my god is low
that's why i'm doing all the things that you don't know
don't you expect to make a phone call tonight
treat me like a motherfucker who was right

ooh, i know we're gonna need a lucky one

every time a creature comes into my path
i know you should snigger about things that we laughed
i've got a cause that never met a man
took a talk to him tried to make a make friend
but you can see that i'm just coming out through the glass
everyone speaks about something the past took

i came beside with it, i could believe
take me to your bed and show me some trees
but i can bet a fuck will do the whole
try to tell you that there's nowhere to roam
you're like a brother who thinks i won't care
i'm ready to tell you that you don't know what
this is

i know we're gonna need a lucky one

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