Paroles Tour Diary: Louisville de King Missile

King Missile
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  • Chanson: Tour Diary: Louisville
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Textes et Paroles de Tour Diary: Louisville

The fire leaped and licked, lapping up our pink and happy flesh.

Dogs chirped like monkeys and ate each other's heads.

Satan slinked down the runway in a sassy blue gown made entirely of rotten fruit.

Minivans circled the sky, sending messages below the earth to the Lasagna King.

A flying carpet farted on the prostrate pilgrims, who were eternally grateful.

A giant testicle rolled over a Waffle House, killing several clowns.

Telephone poles hopped around like pogo sticks, and Jimmy helped himself to another serving of yams.

A small child with a submachine gun led the faithful in a rousing rendition of "Moses, You Is My Woman Now."

Many of my internal organs jumped out of my mouth and danced a jig of gratitude to this marvelous city for entertaining me so robustly.

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