Paroles Smile de King Mungi

King Mungi
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  • Artiste: King Mungi22324
  • Chanson: Smile
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Textes et Paroles de Smile

She wants to write a book on me, â€oewhy?” I ask
My life is lost; my life is gone,
It builds me in around; well I'm not changing
Oh no, well I'm bored

Just take one minute to see a life, a child without a motive
No cause, no chance at what seems a normal life
She bends down to pick up the page and puts it in her pocket
All the answers are here but where can I find it to talk about my life?
Nothing here a quick twenty years gone with the click of my fingers
Do I make myself smile? â€

It was the last word you said that made me smile
With a tear in your eye that said boy
It was the last word you said, I lied

Softly I spoke to you
I lied but without cause
In my own depression
Let me leave this world alone

You need to fight the world alone
You need to fuck the world alone

Well I 'm not changing...


Alone, take a line make you wanna snort twice, makes you feel real so good inside
When I'm not wasted I'm waiting for it
Take a line makes you wanna snort twice, makes you feel real so good inside
When I'm not wasted I'm waiting!!!

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