Paroles Mi Amigo de Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon
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  • Artiste: Kings Of Leon3909
  • Chanson: Mi Amigo
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Textes et Paroles de Mi Amigo

I got a friend
Show's me all the good times
Tells me I look better
Chew's me up and spits me out
And then walks my ass home
And sings a song
When I'm gone
Gone, go oooo one

My little friend
Shoots me up in that town
When I can't get me drunk enough
To pick me out the pieces
Of a place I call home
To sing a song
Till I'm gone
Gone go oooo one
Go ooo one (3x)

I've got a friend
Help me to get up again
Showers me in boozes
Tells me I got a big old beer
And she walks my ass home
To sing a song
Till I'm gone
Gone go ooo one
You know son
Go ooo one (x5)

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