Paroles Get All You Can Take de Kiss

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  • Artiste: Kiss3714
  • Chanson: Get All You Can Take
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Textes et Paroles de Get All You Can Take

I didn't know 'bout the modern ways of life, I didn't really care
I never gave a damn about the future, I never got my share
Somebody said, boy your time's a wastin', you're movin' much too slow
So many things in life worth tastin', so much you oughta know - look out

Get down, fool around, if you got half a chance, you take it
Ooh yeah, stand your ground, you gotta bend the rules to make it
Hold tight, see the light, think of all the dues you're payin'
So true, I'm tellin' you, wise up, can't you hear me sayin'

You gotta get all you can take - sing along, gotta keep on hummin'
Stop waitin' for your lucky break - stop waitin', wastin' time
What fuckin' difference does it make? - ooh, gotta keep it comin'
You gotta get all you can take - doncha know I'm gonna take what's mine

People lookin', eyes wide open, tell me what you see
Bodies tired, minds 'a chokin', you gotta set 'em free
Don't think about the race they're runnin', they'll never let you in
With all the rules, it's a race of fools, and you can never win - look out

Get down, fool around, think of all the dues you're payin'
Oh yeah, stand your ground, wise up, can't you hear me sayin'

(Yeah you know what I'm talking about, ah just take a look around you)


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