Paroles Inverted Insertion de Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Kitchen Knife Conspiracy
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  • Artiste: Kitchen Knife Conspiracy5899
  • Chanson: Inverted Insertion
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Textes et Paroles de Inverted Insertion

Life is like a pressure riot and my head is caving in
You wanna see me stoned, you wanna cough a little
You wanna trench pill zones, you're gonna puke a little
You wanna hold my hand, you better be a giver
You know in this game I am a helpless lifer
You wanna know my strength, you're gonna feel some weakness
You wanna invert this, you're gonna get some sickness
You wanna get inside, you wanna make it clearer
You wanna see denial, look in the lying mirror
Is this the way you like it? Is this your honesty?
Invert the perfect kill dust, Insert it into me
There is no god that walks beside me
Controversy, Anarchy has taken over me, deep inside me
You're gonna get real stoned, You're gonna get uplifted
You have to give me your soul, You're gonna get enlisted
You're gonna feel agony until I am finished
You're gonna lose everything, but you'll never miss it
Darkness calms my soul
Depression wraps around my face
Shovel the pain that won't escape
Look at me now, I'm paranoid
Searching to find to fill the void of
this horrible life, and I'm a mess
Will the numb phase ever change?
The fears have started to mate in me
Leaving me blind and shaken up
And now I barely feel alive
Look in my eyes, I want to die
So sick and tired of "I'll try"
Watching me live my selfish life

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