Paroles Summer Dies de Kittie

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  • Artiste: Kittie3207
  • Chanson: Summer Dies
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Textes et Paroles de Summer Dies

Summer dies
Winter takes its place
It chills inside
A cold sedated slumber
I have cried
For this thankless life
These tears turn ice I
have been forsaken
Through the lies I can see the truth
When all warmth dies
Cold becomes familiar
I have waited for this day
Winter's warning comes
Another summer dies but she'll be back again
To save me from this endless night
I have cried enough
Another summer dies but there'll be light again
To save me from this endless
Save me from
Down this path
Out of existence
Its winter's wrath
That I fear the most
Shades of green
Through the ice and snow
Let me know I have been forgiven
I have waited for this day
Summer dies
Winter takes its place
It chills inside
Cold sedated slumber so end this night

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