Paroles Within The Soul Of Autumn de Korozy

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  • Artiste: Korozy9745
  • Chanson: Within The Soul Of Autumn
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Within The Soul Of Autumn

Grey, pale essence is falling to pieces in front of my
The majestic trees uncovering their bodies
Stretching hands towards the merciless sky of dark
Òàì âúâ ìðàêà ãàðâàíè ÷åðíè
Øåìåòíî êðúæàõà â íàäãðîáåí îáðåä...
/There in the dark are flying black crows
Performing heady funeral ritual/

Spells uproar deadly silence
Wind is dancing alone in the tangle of woods
Withered flowers whisper my name, whisper my name...
Ìîëÿò çà æèâîò, ïëà÷àò, íå çíàÿò
×å âúâ ÷åðíî ñà òîëêîç êðàñèâè...
/Praying for life, moaning but they don't know
How beautiful they are in these black garments/

The Sun has just gone down the silent calm lake
And the Dark called for the mournful Moon
My heart is bound in melancholy forever lost in the
Within the deserted gloomy soul of Fall

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