Paroles No Regrets de Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings
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  • Chanson: No Regrets
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Textes et Paroles de No Regrets

One chance
One life
We going out blazin'

Wanted dead or alive my face is on the poster
My life is up and down like a roller coaster
I'm a easy rider don't do what I'm supposed ta
Outlaw living life to provoke ya
Packed and loaded I'm with my six shooter
Just for protection equipped with a hooter
Chasing cooter drunk in some bordello
Tipping back whiskey heads feeling mellow
Few more hours 'til we storm the next county
Bar tender said that on my head there is a bounty
Another night another sticky situation
I travel light it comes with the occupation
The pirate's life you know we going out blazing
Grab the map to the next destination
A pound of chronic and some fine ladies waiting
No regrets that's all that I'm saying

I want to live life like there's no tomorrow
Drink it all up the whole damn bottle
No regrets no time for sorrow
Want to lead never want to follow
Live life like there's no tomorrow
Drink it all up the whole damn bottle
No regrets no time for sorrow
Want to lead never want to follow

We only get one life one choice one chance
Can't change the past have to play what's dealt in your hand
I try to help you understand why I do what I do
If you can help me understand why I should listen to you
There ain't a perfect person living on this planet today
And I'm certain I've been wrong with some decisions I've made
But that's a play that's been played they say what's done is done
You got to lose a couple battles before the war is won
See apologies I've given and I've also accepted
At the time it seemed right so I never regretted
The path I took look buddy you can go and be mad
But I'm having fun 'til my last breathe

Well I'm always staying busy gotta keep it on the double
Keep this shit popping like there's no tomorrow
Got my chin held high got my eyes peeled back
Don't rock no blings but my baseball cap
Bustas get smacked broke down like compounds
Let me sag my pants while I smoke this pound
Ride this bitch until the wheels fall off
No time to play around bitch ass get tossed
Never falling off living life, learning lessons
Making mistakes coming back no questions
Dumb ass don't say nothing
I'm living mine you're living yours
So fuck them his and hers


Some say life is short man
It all depends on who you're asking
No regrets rolling and passing
Round and round and round in high fashion


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