Paroles B Mashina de Laibach

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  • Artiste: Laibach9799
  • Chanson: B Mashina
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de B Mashina

Only one day is left
only one day
we are leaving the others
we're going away
Today we all steal
animals we are
possession is lost
Our souls are from the wild
and wings to reach the sky
let the sun fall into the ocean,
let the earth erupt in flame
It is enough to have the strength
and knowledge
to raise our dream machines
into the sky
Let them sleep who do not know
the final day is here
the very last
and we leave at dawn
Millions of machines on nitroglycerin
Thunder in us
There is no force no money and no power
To stop us now and change our fate
Before we rise
Now every problem is destroyed
We raise our hands and bodies to the peak
Into the Universe - towards the stars we go
Sending machines up to the sky

Machines we are sending to the skies
Above us all
And leave behind those who don't know
Of the final day
We leave in sleep those who don't know
(and) we leave at dawn
We are driven by the B-machine
(Wild B-machine - that never stops)

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