Paroles Child In A Universe de Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
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  • Artiste: Laura Nyro25219
  • Chanson: Child In A Universe
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Textes et Paroles de Child In A Universe

oh, star
shine on me
I'm just a grain in the universe
I come from the earth
and the earth is a grain
in the galaxy
could you send some peace on earth
to a child of the universe?

oh, sun
there are planets
at the top of the world
and hills and passions
under my feet
rocks and fish
and worlds I may never see
I only live on earth
I guess I'm just a child of the universe
just a child of the universe

oh, moon
I saw your light on
it was gettin' late
can we talk a while?
you see, I lost my smile
I just can't cope
I just can't relate
if you send some peace on earth
send it to a child of the universe
to a child of the universe
a child in a universe
send it to a child in a universe
to your children

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