Paroles The Grail de Leatherwolf

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  • Artiste: Leatherwolf34355
  • Chanson: The Grail
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Textes et Paroles de The Grail

Imagination spills and past distortions ill
Fictitious memories make up realities
Is it true that I've lost my mind
Gone without a trace
Last thing I remember was ashes and flames
Cold blood runs through my veins
I've got to be contained
The grail is dragging me back from the grave

The hands of time are gripping on my face
Bound and tied onto my yesterdays
Living in the madness deep within my soul
Chilling tortures ripping at me throat

Black angels open up their thousand eyes
Snaps the spine and hell unloads
No rest 'til they find you, you know the day will come
Can't awaken from this nightmare it's just begun

Who's on your side on your side
Where's the poor fool now
And the hero slips away

Remembering a dream I had
The killing of a soul
Following a twisted path
The only one he knows
Cover me, cover me - find another way
Cover me, cover me - hold on to what I say yeah

Unleash the power there's no turning back
Breathing life into the living dead
The wound can only heal you for the few who know
Engine screaming free but don't let go

Who's on your side on your side
Who's the poor fool now
And the hero slips away

Haunted by a twisted path
And the grail's holy blood
Open up your eyes
Can't you see that you're the one
Cover me, cover me - I found another way
Cover me, cover me - remember what I say

He cannot live or die just suffers endlessly
The chains that tie him to the truth that he betrayed
A golden palace inside the burning sun
Lies given to the forgotten one
But now its time to take!

Remembering your heroes they slip away
Don't slip away
Remembering your heroes they slip away
Don't slip away

Now it's time to take!

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