Paroles Dark In My Heart de Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood
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  • Artiste: Lee Hazlewood14163
  • Chanson: Dark In My Heart
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Textes et Paroles de Dark In My Heart

Woke up Sunday morning and I thought that I could sing
But I can't no I can't
Woke up Sunday morning and I thought I heard bells ring
But they don't no they won't
Oh it's dark it's dark in my heart

Got a letter from my mama but she didn't send no cash
Send no cash not a dime
Got a letter from my sister and she's still writin' trash
Writin' trash talked for the trash
Oh it's dark it's dark in my heart

I asked a man some questions and he told me just the truth
Just the truth and I didn't believe him
I asked a girl for lovin' and she walked in the phonebooth
That ain't cool in the phonebooth
Oh it's dark it's dark in my heart

Met a girl in New York and she had a lotta class
Lotta class tourist class
Took the girl to LA but she said it wouldn't last
Wouldn't last and it didn't
Oh it's dark it's dark in my heart
Oh it's dark it's dark in my heart

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