Paroles Tell The Angels de Lee Williams

Lee Williams
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  • Chanson: Tell The Angels
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Textes et Paroles de Tell The Angels

Tell the angels I'm on my way.
Tell the angels I'll be home some day.

Tell the angels I'm on my way to glory,
up there, I'll sing and tell the story.

Tell the angels just to make more room.
Tell the angels I'll be there soon.

Tell the angels I'm on my way to glory,
and I'll be up there to stay

My road, rough and rocky,
my cross, it gets hard to bear,
my friends, they all have left me,
can't find peace nowhere.

Tired, Lord, sick and worried,
my little soul is feeling bad,
but one day I'm going away,
and I'm going up there to stay.


Tell the angels,
tell the angels.

(That I'll) be up there to stay

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