Paroles Caroline de Lemar

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  • Artiste: Lemar2661
  • Chanson: Caroline
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Textes et Paroles de Caroline

Is anybody calling?
Is anybody holding?
Caroline, my Caroline
Has anybody told you
They'd give it up for you?
Caroline, sweet Caroline

Weren't you the one who said you're better off alone
Didn't mama tell you that your heart would need a home
Cant find the reason to get up and face each day
Please run to find me

Still go to the movies?
Fall asleep at the ending?
Caroline, oh Caroline
Are you still laughing?
Same sense of humour?
Caroline, Caroline

Did you forget there are things we used to do?
I don't regret, i treasure moments shared with you
And i'll be here if you decide to change your mind
I'll give you time
Please Caroline

You should have said it wasn't working out for you
We could have sat down and talked it through
Just too many wasted tears
I'm left without a prayer

Is anybody hurting?
Like i'm sitting here hurting?
I love you, Caroline...

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