Paroles Treasure Map de Lemon Demon

Lemon Demon
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  • Artiste: Lemon Demon25396
  • Chanson: Treasure Map
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Textes et Paroles de Treasure Map

Happily this afternoon,Along the beach I waddle.Looking at the sand,I spy an old, forgotten bottle!I pick it up, and look at it!My eyes go big and wide!For heaven's yes! There seems to beA treasure map inside!Somewhere at the tail endOf this twisty, dotted lineA chest of gold awaits,And soon it's going to be mine!I buy a sturdy shovel,Since the treasure will be deep.I buy expensive boots,Because my old ones are too cheap.I buy a fancy compassAnd a treasure-hunting cap,Then off I set, into the forestEyes upon my map.So carefully I trace the pathway,Every little bendIt's almost getting dark,Before - at last! I reach the end!I'm so excited, I can't helpBut do a little jig!I calm myself, take out my shovel,And proceed to dig.I dig and dig and digUntil my hands begin to hurt,Then finally, my treasure chest!All worn and caked in dirt!But when I look inside the chest,I only find a note.Upon it is this simple little message,And I quote:Everybody wants to findA buried treasure chest,But no-one wants to bury one.If you do, be my guest!Pirates are assholes.

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