Paroles Rumours de Leo Sayer

Leo Sayer
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  • Artiste: Leo Sayer7901
  • Chanson: Rumours
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Textes et Paroles de Rumours

(G. Mark/R. Smith)

I heard some things about you
I can't believe it's true
I heard the flame don't burn bright as it used to
I heard some things about you
I know they must be lies
Don't turn your face away, baby
When I need to see your eyes
'Cos I keep hearing rumours
People telling me rumours
I keep hearing those rumours
Seems like everybody's my best friend
Rumours, don't go believing rumours
I swear it's only rumours
Listen babe, I don't want our love to end
(It's a shame - they talk, they talk, they talk)
I heard some things about you
Suspicion coming on
I need some answers woman
Don't tell me nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong
I heard some things about you
The way you're treating me
You give your love to someone else
When it used to come to me
Oh I've been hearing rumours
Everybody's saying rumours
I don't wanna hear no rumours
How come everybody wants to be my best friend
I don't believe it no, oh
(It's a shame - they talk
They talk, they talk
They talk, they talk
They talk, they talk:)
Now I've got so many friends
I've never had before
And you're the only friend I want
I don't want no more
All these rumours I hear
I can't believe they're true
And they're trying to tear me
Oh no, they're trying to tear me away from you
Rumours, I don't believe it babe
They're just whispers in the wind
They've got it all wrong
Everybody's wants our love to end
Rumours, I don't believe in those
Rumours, lots of big rumours
Rumours, it's only vicious rumours
I don't want our love to end
I don't want our love to end
I don't want our love to end

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