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Less Than Jake
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  • Chanson: Abandon Ship
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Textes et Paroles de Abandon Ship

Give me some religion, pass the wine
Because this time I can't hold it in
Like I always did
Give me some more TV, make it loud
Make believe, I'm in desperate need
For some company
Attention, this is not a test, help me get this moving target off my chest
From my closest friends
Save me from this recklessness
Talk some sense into this head
And I'll stop this endless S.O.S

Treading water with weights around my neck
A shipwreck of reckless accidents
Overboard and I'm about to quit
Head first, high dive in this deep end
Abandon ship, because it's sinking way too quick

Give me some forgiveness, and I'll try
Because this time if I pull the pin, I'll be blown to bits
Give me some more music, I'll sit and read the lyrics
Like a bible, a gospel, I'll sing along
Attention, this is not a test, help me swim to shore before unconsciousness
My hands feel like they're made of bricks
Save me from this hopelessness, talk some sense into this head
And I'll stop this endless S.O.S

I can't listen to all the reasons
I just need one more thing to believe in
The one thing that will keep me breathing
I'll kiss the dirt when I hit dry land

(Thanks to Steven for these lyrics)

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