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Less Than Jake
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  • Chanson: Motown Never Sounded So Good
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Textes et Paroles de Motown Never Sounded So Good

So you say, all your white flags are up and that you've had enough and that you were tired of collecting dust, you say everything always looks the same and you made your brand new face to match your brand new place, you say all your distress calls have gone out and your ship is going down

Well I say it to myself all the time,
"Stop living half and a life and stop feeling like I'm half alive."

I can't get enough, I'm not satisfied, I've wasted my time with this daily grind, in single file line, is this real life, I've been telling myself sometimes, what matters is on the inside.

Do you remember when we had all the answers, and can you really remember when we wished for anything better, just to feel like it's been forever, does it feel like a broken record, a head full of yesterdays, you keep wishing your life away, you can't keep looking over you own shoulder, things'll never look up unless you start to move forward.



[Chorus 2]
I can't get enough, I'm not satisfied, I've wasted my time with this daily grind, I can't get enough, I'm just getting by, I can't stand this design for our bitter lives, I keep feeling lost and I'm not satisfied with traffic and turnpikes and these tired eyes


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