Paroles Keys To My House de Levert

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  • Artiste: Levert14245
  • Chanson: Keys To My House
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Textes et Paroles de Keys To My House

(feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliot)

[Missy Elliot: spoken]
Huh one two yeah yeah uh
Mr. Menor whatcha gon' do? (whatcha gon' do?)
I'ma break it down
I'ma break it down downtown
(ooh ooh ooh) Mr. Menor whatcha gon' do?
I'ma break it down, down one two

I think I'm tipsy off the whiskey
Ooh nippey out my doe
Hand me my goose think I'm cute
I get my hair done, done on the reguly
Perm cut the ends
So the ends won't be shaggly
Ready or not uh I think I'm hot
Pop (pop) nigga ugh feel the shots
Hop to the sto' fo' some mo'
Want some really tho'?
Gotta smoke my hydro

We're just foolin around
Now it's time to settle down
It's time to let all the women know
That I gotta let them go
'Cause it's all about you and the things you do
I just can't forget your ways girl
You're cooler than the shade
That's why

You can get the keys to my house
Anything to satisfy you
If you got a man then you can kick him out
'Cause I'm that guy for you

[repeat Chorus]

There's no girl like you that I have ever seen
Type in a magazine
Every man's dream
I've got a thing for you
Tell me what should I do
Should I proceed to give you what you need
That's why

[Chorus x2]

Oh boy won't you spend the night with me
Spend the night with me
Said it'll be so nice if you'll spend the night with me
Spend the night with me
Spend the night with me don't care what we do
Just as long as I'm with you

[Chorus x6: to fade]

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