Paroles Pages Of Time de Leviathan (USA, Colorado)

Leviathan (USA, Colorado)
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  • Artiste: Leviathan (USA, Colorado)34382
  • Chanson: Pages Of Time
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Textes et Paroles de Pages Of Time

I'm sitting here reflecting on a world that's passed me by
My time is spent, where has it went
If I only had just one more try
But there is no turning back now,
We must move on my friend

Not so long ago it seems when I was young
My adolescent dreams of great things to be done
I took for granted pleasures that children only know
Memories like treasures, I lived and let them go

The years have gone to fast,
and I can't change the past
Turn back the pages of time

I cherished not a moment, saw chances pass me by
Regret will be my eulogy, of things I didn't try
I lost my life to triefles and found no meaning there
A hedonist disciple afraid to even care

These years have gone to fast,
and I can't change the past, will this day be my last?
Turn back the pages of time

I locked away my secrets, no relationships begun
The fears I learned in youth, never trusting anyone
Self doubt prayed upon me, forever the willing host
I left no mark behind me as if I were a ghost

These years have gone to fast,
and I can't change the past, will this day be my last?
Turn back the pages of time

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