Paroles We Think We Have Eyes de Lewis & Clarke

Lewis & Clarke
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  • Artiste: Lewis & Clarke25530
  • Chanson: We Think We Have Eyes
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Textes et Paroles de We Think We Have Eyes

The handle on the door
You cannot touch
The knot in the wood
You cannot cut
A good thing... we had too much
Smoke is rising above
The fire is getting hotter in the wind
Coal blackened eyes looking on...
Going blind
The splinter deep inside
Your second skin
Princess feeling nothing underneath
I wonder, does it ever feel the same?

Everybody's asking
When you are ever coming back
I tell them that you're sorry
But you're frozen in your tracks
The fox in the headlights
Never knowing it is wrong
Staring down the righteous road
It's lonely and it's long

Photographs and pictures
Reminders we won't be going through
I wonder
Do they even look the same?

Now it's going faster
And we're stuck here in this place
The water is getting deeper,
Cutting lines into my face
The lights are out and broken,
It looks different in the dark
They are out setting fires,
Kill the means to make your mark

Another slippery stone
We thought it was dry
Flat enough to stand
And trust until we die
But we don't really know
We think we are wise
Deaf, dumb and blind
We think we have eyes

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