Paroles Easier To Be de Lifehouse

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  • Artiste: Lifehouse3219
  • Chanson: Easier To Be
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Textes et Paroles de Easier To Be

Chasing fireflies
Elusive dreams
This pre life crisis
Is killing me
Beautiful tragedy
Who I was wasn't me
Yeah yeah

Do do do do
You make it easier to be
Easier to be me
It's hard to believe
You make it easy...

We speak in silence
Words can't break
It feels like we are
Falling awake
In a place and a time
Of our own
Yeah yeah

Do do do do
You make it easier to be
Easier to be me
Hard to believe

It felt like the world
Fell from my feet
Gave up on myself

You didn't give up on me
Let myself go
You were still there
Like coming home
Coming up for air
Yeah yeah

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