Paroles Hollywood de Lisa Dal Bello

Lisa Dal Bello
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  • Chanson: Hollywood
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Textes et Paroles de Hollywood

I'd buy a Martoni Marquis
Ride San Fernando Valley
I know I could in Hollywood

Hotdamn the L.A. Freeway
Wear mink from Montego Bay
I know I could in Hollywood

Wanna toot-toot la
In a single's bar
Gonna iron out my kinks
Play Matahara here
And the Sahara there
Won't you spin me for a drink?

You know what really blew my mind
Is that I could not be denied
That's when I began to emancipate

In Hollywood, Holly-Hollywood
Hollywood, Holly-Hollywood
I'd do it good
In Hollywood

"Hello Darling...
This is Zsa Zsa talking to you out there"

You know I really could have cried
When Mama said "Be good... Goodbye!"
I hardly could in Hollywood

Wanna deja vu
With a working crew
Well if you like it do it twice
I hit the hit parade
And start to generate
Live a social paradise
And when my time is up
I'm gonna fill my cup
Then I'll drown myself in sweet whiskey fizz

In Hollywood, Holly-Hollywood
Hollywood, Holly-Hollywood
I'd do it good
In Hollywood

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