Paroles Man On Your Mind de Little River Band

Little River Band
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  • Chanson: Man On Your Mind
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Textes et Paroles de Man On Your Mind

I can feel it floating away,
Inch by inch, day by day,
Love boat set itself free,
Castaway slipping out to sea,
I can feel it coming adrift,
Even a blind man could see the rift,
From an ocean liner to a Chinese junk,
There ain't been a ship,
That can't be sunk.

I used to dream it could last forever,
But pipedreams never come true,
I'd be fooling myself if I never,
Thought something like this,
Couldn't happen to you.

I said, baby,
You've got a man on your mind,
You've got a weight on your shoulders,
How you ever gonna find the words,
To say goodbye?

You don't know just what you've got,
Till it's gone,
I guess you heard that a lot,
But it's true, it's not just a game,
You can't change your life,
By changing your name.

It's not something you can hide away,
Sooner or later, it starts to show,
It's written on your face,
You've been betrayed,
Do you really believe that I don't know?

He's already fallen,
So it's no use to fight,
And if he starts calling,
Let him know you're with me,
For the rest of the night.

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