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Lone Catalysts
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Textes et Paroles de Q & A

(Yo, what's your name?) MC J. Sands or Jermaine
Back in the day they called me 50 Grand, but yo, it's all the same
(And where you from?) Pittsburgh PA, number one
But lived in CO and Cincinnati down by the slums
(What you rap like?) Man, I rap like a poet on mics
Old school rhyme style but I flow precise
(Who's your man?) J. Rawls, his wifey call him Dan
On the wheels he's the band, makes the music with his hands
(Who's the crew?) Yo, the Lone Catalysts
Strategist fabulous, so the CD y'all niggas had to get
(What you mean, hop?) Yo, I mean that we got em on lock
From bottom to top, shouldn't be no problem to cop
(What about the shows?) We headline events like whoa!
Have you hyped, jump around like you were doin Tae Bo
(What about the seeds, god?) Yo, we teach em what the need, pa
Food, clothing and shelter and humbleness to (Name)
(What's the law, fam?) The Universal Plan for man
What you send out comes back to you, not hard to understand
(And what's the mission?) To make the music that will bring the chips in
Create businesses cause all my niggas got ambition
(Like who?) Like Big June, Moe, (Name)
Fat (Name), U. Dinero and (Name), that's just a few
(Yo, there's more?) Of course, we bring our niggas through the door
All of them, wildin out, drinkin rum, scrapin whores
(What about the lah, yo?) Yo, we blaze the greatest, the hydro
Sess, chocolate, indo, from PA to Ohio cause we all gonna die, so
Live your lifestyle, don't wait tomorrow
Cause the reaper could snatch you like - NOW!

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