Paroles Keep Your Change de Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn
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  • Artiste: Loretta Lynn17675
  • Chanson: Keep Your Change
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Textes et Paroles de Keep Your Change

You need a change of scenery that's all I ever heard
And when you left and you said goodbye I never said a word
You're back but I don't want you back to you that might seem strange
But I ain't find what she bought so honey keep your change
Yeah honey keep your change and the trouble that she brings
You've worked real hard for what you got so honey keep your change
[ steel - ac.guitar ]
What happened to the scenery that look so good to you
Did you get hard of the change you made or did she get hard of you
You're like a travelin' salesman and I hear they're all the same
So travel right on back to her yeah honey keep your change
Yeah honey keep your change...
Yeah honey keep your change...
Yeah honey keep your change yeah honey keep your change

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